Affordably priced custom made wooden signs ($49-$500) by North American artist & craftsman Matthew Henry to personalize for added charm to that special place you call home. Be it your cabin, beach house, country cottage, farmhouse  lake house, lodge or camp, . . . the heirloom quality of every laser-engraved, handmade custom house sign will add great design detail to any space that graces your abode . . . a shore house, bungalow,  mountain home, ski lodge or wherever you find your peaceful place in life.
     The Classic House Sign Series by Matthew Henry features heirloom quality personalized etched wooden house signs customized to your liking for your Beach Cottage, Carriage House, Bed & Breakfast Inn, Boat House, Oceanside or Seaside Villa and beyond. All pieces handmade in America by artist & craftsman Matthew Henry.
     Each piece from Matthew Henry's Lodge & Cabin Sign Series is custom made on quality Eastern White Pine & Western Red Cedar wood. These carved, personalized wooden signs will add great charm to your nature setting, whether it's your Cabin in the Woods, Hunting Lodge,  Fish Camp, Mountain Chalet, Rustic Log Cabin, Hunt Camp, Campsite or Camper.
     For those of you not familiar with "" - it's a popular online boutique type marketplace made up of some of the world's most creative, talented & artistic individuals.  Although Etsy is a small, but important part of Matthew Henry's overall success, he is grateful to have them as a business partner helping  further the popularity of his work. There is where you will find some of his newer pieces to use as custom decor for your front porch; perhaps at your Maine Cottage, Northwoods Lodge, Adirondack Style Camp, Smoky Mountain Cabin, Pacific Northwoods Camp or Great Lakes Treehouse.